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Q: Can my old furniture be restored to its original state?
A: Yes, It is possible to restore old and antique furniture. First and foremost, the upholstery is removed from the furniture allowing for the inspection of the framework. The stability and condition of the framework are inspected, and all the necessary repairs to the framework (reinforcement or rebuilding) are done.

Q: Can structurally unsound chairs be restored to loose chairs?
A: Yes, As here illustrated above, the images indicate some chairs in a deplorable state undergoing repairs.

Q: Can you re-can chair to match the original weave and color?
A: Yes, We offer canning weaves in a variety of patterns of raw cane. The finish that we offer is also of high-quality and we pay attention to detail to ensure the desired finish is achieved. Additionally, our consultant will work with you to answer all and any canning question you may have.

Q: Can you repair my dining room table that was damaged during my recent move?
A: Yes. We intricately rebuild the furniture, broken parts, joinery, and damaged finished. If need be, we reinforce the structural components.

Q: What is your specialization with regards to repair work?
A: we specialize in a wide array of repair works, including; repairing dining room tables, cabinet doors, lamps, missing carved pieces, kitchen cabinet, ceramics, lamps, marble, mirrors, drawers, cabinet doors, casters, hinges, and hardware locks. Please contact us if you have a query.

Q: I inherited an antique rocking chair, and I want it restored to the original state as I remember it being as. Can it be done?
A: Yes, We conduct Reupholstery on heirloom antiques. We preserve the character of the piece and thus preserve the history of your family and the ownership of the piece. We ensure we maintain the same configuration and finish of the furniture consistent with the age of the furniture.

Q: Help me understand What Veneers are and whether they can be repaired?
A: Wood furniture veneer is a layer of wood grain that is beautiful, glued to wood that is of different properties. Veneer are used in fine dining room table. We can repair them for you.